Due to recent increases of hate crimes against the Pan-Asian community, it’s understandable if you feel uneasy and/or unsafe in your community.

In these moments, it may be helpful to create a safety plan for yourself and your loved ones. Safety plans enable the individual(s) to protect themselves and to be prepared for high-stress situations.

Safety Planning for Self

  • Make noise to bring attention
  • Share your location with trusted friends and family, and ask them to check in
  • Have a quick speed dial to an emergency person and/or police. Community alternatives to contacting the police by city is linked below!
  • Carry around pepper spray and/or another form of self-protection
  • Familiarize self with a few go-to self-defense moves that prioritizes running away. See Resources for beginner self-defense videos
  • Be aware of surroundings and limit your distractions in unfamiliar territory (e.g., listening to music, checking your phone, reading, etc.)
  • Understand your rights–especially if you are forced to interact with police. See Resources for more information

Home Safety

  • Install security cameras outside, around the perimeter of the house and by entrances
  • Alert and/or signal neighbors if you notice suspicious behavior
  • Improve visibility with outdoor lighting by entrances (e.g., sensor-activated, timed, etc.)
  • Make sure there is quick-access to a phone in your rooms
  • Consider a home security system, depending on your needs

Safety Planning for Elders

  • Explore signing up for safety escorts with local community organizations
  • Have an easily accessible speed dial for a local support person they can call
  • Go to large gatherings (e.g., groceries markets, restaurants, etc.) in groups or with a friend/family member
  • Check in with older relatives daily
  • Share their phone location with you

Safety Planning for Children

  • Teach who to contact during an emergency
  • Provide them with a user-friendly phone
  • Practice dialing emergency numbers, and consider roleplaying as the operator for them to verbally practice

Home Safety

  • Identify a room that the child can go to when they’re feeling afraid or seeking comfort
  • Create a secret code that would inform the child on when to leave the house in an escalated situation. Plan ahead on where or to whom they should go to

This list is not inclusive, and safety plans should be curated towards the individual and their unique situations. See dontcallthepolice.com for community alternatives to have in your back pocket.

Practice continuous education for yourself and those around you on the racially unjust system and events that perpetuates violence against Asian Americans. Feel free to register for free bystander intervention and trainings with Hollaback! and peruse the basic self-defense videos hosted by AAPI Women Lead below.


For immediate needs for assistance:

  • Bayview Neighborhood: 415 531 8951
  • Chinatown Neighborhood: 415 652 7822
  • Midmarket/Tenderloin: 415 531 7357
  • Mission District: 415 531 7201
  • Visitacion Valley/Portola: 415 531 9087

211 Sacramento: https://www.211sacramento.org/211/

Dial 2-1-1 for free, 24-hour social, health and disaster services information. 2-1-1 is a one-stop source of information for people looking for community services and resources, especially for those who need essential services, such as food, shelter, counseling, employment assistance, and more. Callers receive personalized information from a live resource specialist. 2-1-1 is confidential and available in more than 200 languages and dialects.

Report Asian Hate Crime Incident: https://stopaapihate.org/

The National Domestic Violence Hotline: https://www.thehotline.org/

24/7 Crisis Hotlines:

  • U.S. National Suicide Prevention Hotline (English & Spanish): 1-800-273-TALK (8255)
  • National Sexual Assault Hotline: 800-656-4673
  • National Runaway Safeline: 800-786-2929
  • Trans Lifeline: U.S: 877-565-8860 | CA: 877-330-6366
  • Trevor Lifeline for LGBTQIA+ Youth: 1-866-488-7386
  • National Coalition Of Anti-Violence Programs for LGBTQ Communities (English & Spanish): 212-714-1141

Crisis Text Line (if you are uncomfortable or not in an environment to speak on the phone):

  • US & Canada: Text HOME to 741741
  • UK: Text 85258
  • Ireland: Text 50808

Lifeline Crisis Chat: http://www.Suicidepreventionlifeline.Org (available 24/7)

Non-24/7, Non-Crisis Hotlines:

  • LGBTQ Helpline For South Asians (Thu/Sun nights, 8-10 PM EST/5-7 PM PST): 908-367-3374
  • GLBT National Hotline (Monday-Friday: 1pm-9pm PST (4pm-12AM EST), Saturday: 9am-2pm PST (noon-5pm EST)): 888-843-4564
  • GLBT National Youth Talkline (Monday-Friday: 1 pm–9 pm PST (4 pm–midnight EST), Saturday: 9 am–2 pm PST (noon–5 pm EST): 800-246-7743
  • Love is Respect for Youths and Partner Abuse (live chat function available): 866-331-9474

Volunteer Resources:

  • DM to schedule to be an safety patrols in the San Francisco Instagram: @chinatownsafetypartol
  • Instagram: @chineseprogressiveassociation


  • National Domestic Violence Hotline’s Safety Planning with Children
  • Safety Tips and Safety Planning with Children

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