We would not be here without your support! And now, you can donate to Asian Mental Health Project. The below link takes your to our PayPal where you can submit a tax-deductible donation.

This project aims to educate Pan-Asian communities about mental health, encourage people to identify issues and seek help, create a safe space to share experiences, as well as provide resources that make getting help more accessible.

We’re so grateful to you and our partners that support our services.


There is a pervasive cultural stigma that often discourages members of our community from receiving the help they need. In many Asian American communities, and in the greater American population, there exists a general lack of knowledge about mental health and mental illnesses. Because many of the symptoms of suffering are “invisible,” it is often harder for mental illnesses to be acknowledged. There is a misconception that struggling with mental health is a choice or a sign of weakness. We are here to dispel this belief and provide resources that are accessible to all!

Project Mission: 

Asian Mental Health Project provides digestible, tangible community resources and events that aid in making mental healthcare more accessible.

2022 Goal: 

In 2022, we aim to strengthen and solidify our key service offerings, while adding mental health financial aid to our key services. 

Our existing services are:

Community events: AMHP hosts virtual events to build community and discuss this intersection of social issues, culture, and mental health. These events include special projects such as the Survivor Support Summit, and our weekly wellness check-in “Stay in Check-in.” These events may also include partnerships with other organizations.
Content and Resource Building: AMHP creates educational social media, multimedia, and blog content to destigmatize mental health and make surrounding topics more accessible.

The service we hope to offer in 2022:

Mental Health Fund: AMHP hopes to begin offering a mental health grant to break down financial barriers in seeking professional mental healthcare.

All donations will go to operating costs for educational events, resources production, and the mental health fund.

From the bottom of our hearts, thank you so much for your generosity and support.